Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring's New Arrivals

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Stores are welcoming their Spring arrivals and folks are checking out what the next couple of months are going to look like, clothes-wise.

Even though the weather isn't cooperating in our area, so some of these lighter weight fabrics and bright colors will seem very odd at first, we can be sure the weather will eventually cooperate.

I am spotting some neon yellow, bright oranges and reds, tan, grey, navy, stripes, flowy textiles, and eyelet fabric. Some of the cuts are baggier for tees, with dolmen sleeves and tee cut-offs that remind me a little of the 80s. As do the neons and brights.

There's also a little bit of floral patterns going on. Subtle or all over. I've seen blouses, dresses, and even shoes with intersting, soft floral repeated patterns. I tend to favor items with rose, peaches, and reds but there's some great combinations out there to favor everyone's favorite colors.

I really like some of the pinks, oranges, peaches, and pale hues that go well with, well what's usually known in this neck of the woods as Easter pastels--though for those of us merely celebrating the change of seasons, rather than a religious holiday, we can also indulge by brightening up our attire.

Some of the lighter colors are celebrated in really comfortable lighter fabrics and in more feminine shapes, like peasant blouses, tanks, camis, and lacey pieces to layer away with.

I like some of the open knit sweaters I've been spotting, though the shapes are a little too loose on me without a belt or some other way to cinch in my waist.

Cropped cardis, no matter how cute, still don't look good on me. But I'm very glad to see an early return of maxi dresses and skirts rather than leaving those until later in the summer!

I also enjoy seeing a return of safari type cargo jackets and skinny jeans. The colors are khaki, green, and gunmetal grey but there are great accessories in pink, peach, coral, cream, turquoise, and blue that brighten the tone a little.

I see lots of cute flats as well, which will hopefully replace Uggs and flip flops.

Hope your local shops are also stocking up on new seasonal items. It's fun to hope ahead or think ahead what the warmer months can bring us.
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