Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beauty Box Subscription Programs

There are a number of beauty box subscription programs out there. Not too long ago, Birchbox was the disruptor in this category, being the first of its kind out there. Only $10 a month and answering a short survey would get you a box full of tailored beauty and self care goodies.

Some call these box by mail services "discovery retail" because a consumer is sent a sample to discover a new product that they can potentially like and purchase.

Great video article from Euro Monitor International (HBA Global Expo 2013 Recap – Beauty Box Subscription Programs) offers some user responses and types of services out there.

I was a Birchbox user for a year but unsubscribed when the subscription ran out because I felt the items in the box were not tailored to my preferences and because I was cutting down on beauty expenses.

Some of the beauty box subscription programs I'm aware of are:

You can perform a search on Google using "beauty box" or "beauty collection set" and see what results turn up that match your needs.
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