Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adventures in Sunless Tanning

Ok, this is a sort of rant, sort of n00b experience in spray tanning. Not a direct reflection on the product, but rather, my particular experience. Which, hopefully, will never be repeated again. This is a direct quote from an email I sent my mom:

I bought a can of sunless spray tan from Ulta, and I tried it last night. I exfoliated the crap out of my legs first. 
Well, this morning I woke up with orange legs. So, I exfoliated the crap out of my legs again to make it go partly away. Then I used a pumice stone to scrub the crap out of my feet, ankles, and knees. 

Never again! The little can went into the trash bin. My legs are really raw now, so I keep putting my St Ives intensive healing lotion on. Bloody hell.

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