Monday, October 27, 2008

Winter Beauty Regime

Seeing how today was the first day I saw the descent of a snowflake since winter (brrr), I felt it only appropriate to begin thinking in earnest about a proper autumn-winter beauty regimen.

I've already begun part of the process by switching from my summer facial moisturizer (DDF Daily Matte with SPF 15 ) to a cooler weather staple (Clinique Moisture Surge -- I got a sample and love it, will be buying full size soon). This is a gel product which is usually quickly absorbed into the skin.

The only thing to keep in mind during the seasonal changes, for oilier skins, is a gentler exfoliation product and technique and a little more powder or t-zone products to keep the in-between season oilies at bay.

Another important step is to remember to hydrate the eye area adequately, as warm indoor air, drafts, and cold outdoor air all lead to sensitive facial skin dryness. A good product I've found for the eye area is Clinique All About Eyes. Since it's a gel it's quickly absorbed and since it's Clinique, it's perfect for the sensitive eye area.

When it comes to lips it's important to keep them well-moisturized at all times of year, not just winter. But since anything we put on the lips ends up in our gastric system anyway, I've opted to switch as many lip products as I can to biological versus petroleum based. One great product is Korres Guava Lip Butter. Though it may have a light whitish or cream tint unless well-blended on the lip area, I find it perfect for the sensitive lip area (or chapped if the case may be). It blends perfectly with a finger or by pressing the lips. It's a pot product and not everyone likes to dip their finger in, therefore a compact portable lip brush is recommended for hygiene--just remember to wash the lip brush in some dish soap and water to get all the germies and goop off periodically!

And above all, it's important to stay hydrated and protected all day. Drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids, go to the restroom when you feel the urge, and use scarves and gloves (and layers in general) to protect sensitive areas from the harsh elements.

Hope your autumn is a colorful one!
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