Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty Product Reviews: Skin Care and More

I recently took a cross-continental flight, where I had the opportunity to purchase a facial/skin care set by L'Occitane during the duty-free purchasing time period. The kit was composed of miniatures of L'Occitane's famous verbena towelettes, shea butter tin, shea butter 20% hand cream, shea butter 20% foot cream, and shea ultra rich face cream. The set actually turned out to complement quite well my on-board kit to help me have oil-free, fresh skin while helping preserve the delicate moisture barrier in the very dry and dehydrating air cabin.

One I was back home I decided I needed to take a look at some exfoliation products by Origins at my local Macy's. I asked the friendly attendant for some advice, and she offered up their Brighter by nature exfoliation pads, Never a Dull moment scrub (I asked for a sample), and their Gloomaway body wash.

I am a huge fan of the gloomaway grapefruit line, and am very happy to have tried this scrubbing body wash. The particles are considerable but emulsify away as you scrub with a sufficient quantity of water. The aroma is delicate and all grapefruit--unlike other brands which say grapefruit but instead use other citrus fruits.

Brighter by Nature seems to be in line with my exfoliation expectations, though it is not dissimilar to Aveda's Exfoliant toner. I'm trying it out but see no real difference right now between the two products, with the exception that Brigther is a set of moist pads and Exfoliant is a glass bottle full of liquid.

The attendant also provided me a sample of Mega-Mushroom cleanser which turned out to be way too greasy for my skin type. The aim of the product is to pacify reactive skin, and maintain the moisture boundary.

Origins' Never a Dull moment has the consistency and aroma of peach and apricot preserves with very scarse and fine peach stone exfoliating particles. I almost felt like eating it on an English Muffing it smelled that good! Just don't try to eat it! It's a little too emollient/gelatinous (much like true preserves are) and I enjoyed the small sample but don't believe it's doing my skin type any good.

How are you prepping your skin for the colder/drier weather of late autumn and early winter?
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