Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brazilian Blowout

I got a Brazilian blowout before I left for a week long business trip, about two to three weeks ago.

The Brazilian blowout is a semipermanent hair keratin treatment that helps seal the cuticle, and as a result, makes hair straight and very, very shiny. The process is something like this: your hair is washed 2-3 times with a stripping shampoo to clean the cuticle and hair strands entirely. Then a keratin product is brushed onto each section of hair, then the hair is blown out and then flat ironed all over. There may be a little bit of fly aways and a very light chemical whiff every now and then. I actually thought the hair product was less smelly than hair color and I could make out some fruitiness too.

Once you go home you can wash it and style it again, but I kept mine how it was for at least 24 hours. This lets the product set a little more, but it technically shouldn't have an effect on your results. Just consult with your stylist and see what their recommendation is for the particular product and process they use.

My hair could be washed, nozzled dry or air dried, and with a drop of Moroccan oil, was ready to go. My hair previously was uneven, curly in places, wavy in others, never really straight after I started getting highlights. Not unless you spent a lot of time and dedication to getting it straight.

This treatment allowed me to have shiny and neat hair. I was really over the moon, and still am at the ease with which I am able to just up and go after a shower.

However, now that we're about 2-3 weeks into it, I'm noticing the ends are curling and the hair doesn't look as shiny, nor is it as straight and neat. The treatment is supposed to last 3 months, but because of the amount of washing I did when I was out of town, I think I am going to see a return to the natural, wacky texture soon enough.

However, the hair lays pretty neatly all around and does look tons better than it did all summer long. To most other folks it probably looks fine, I'm just more attuned to little changes since I really, really liked the results fresh out of the salon.

I am now also considering getting my hair color touched up, as some growth is partly visible. I hadn't realized my colorist had gone a little lighter. Am also thinking about whether I want to see a new colorist or stick with the one I have. I may try a new colorist next week while I'm visiting my family out of town. Will see how I feel and how it goes.
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