Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn and Holiday Beauty

I went to Benefit in downtown Naperville and got my bushy eyebrows beaten back down into submission. As a plus, not that I needed any but still, I got this great combo look idea for the lips from my good gal pal. It's a cherry bubblegum cross with watermelon bubblegum color look, using a three-layered, healthy application of Benetint followed by a light-handed application of the delectable Ultra Shine in Dancing Queen -- love the ABBA reference!

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Vol 1
Then when I got home, surprise surprise! I found the Holiday 2010 catalog from Sephora waiting for me in my mail box. There's always so many shiny, sparkly, and gorgeous things to ogle and drool over...but I'm afraid what stole my heart this time was Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles, Vol 1.

There's just spectacular packaging that includes a book with a secret compartment. Truly awesome all the way. She's not shabby either in that great glamor shot on the upper right hand corner. I'm amazed Tim Burton hasn't snatched her up for one of her movies yet.

And according to Sephora, purples are very, very hot right now.
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