Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying A New Moisturizer

It seems I barely got used to the hot August weather, and its effects on my skin, that I had to adapt my skin care to the cooler, autumn weather. Talk about turning on a dime!

photo borrowed from Murad
I had a facial on Friday because my skin began feeling a little congested, it had been oily of late and breakouts were beginning to surface on the circumference/hairline. Definitely time to take care of business.

I took the opportunity that I was getting a facial to test out the facial services at my local Massage Envy location. I anyway go there for my monthly membership-included massages. Helps keep the neck fluid in-between chiropractor visits!

The facial was what I would rate very high quality. The products did not irritate either my eyes nor my skin, and the esthetician took a long, considerate look at my situation asking me all sorts of questions. She wanted to make sure the treatment would match my skin's needs exactly. This is probably the most detailed facial Q&A session I've had before a facial! And yet it took but 2-3 minutes.

Whenever I get a facial I always ask for suggestions about a particular product I've been struggling with. This time it was my moisturizer. I don't like the Clinique yellow gel one (it's yellow! and I'm breaking out), and I definitely don't like the Kiehls ultra (too rich). The esthetician suggested I try their Murad line's Oil-Control Mattifier with SPF 15.

She applied a little bit on my hand when we walked out at the end of the facial, so she could explain the product she used on me earlier. The lotion comes in a smallish tube, and is dense on application but blends easily into the skin. It melts into the skin very well, as a matter of fact, leaving behind a soft yet un-sticky surface. I've had excellent results thus far, particularly in regards to controlling the T-Zone oilies and keeping usually-dry and flaky surfaces moisturized and supple.

Redness or flaking on my cheeks is a usual occurrence when it comes to cooler/coldish autumn weather, and particularly, when I fly on a plane. I'm glad I'm giving this line a try, and that the first product I tried has worked out well so far.
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