Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion: Hacker Chic

I took a look at a blog post on StyleCaster titled A Look Back at Hacker Fashion. There really is such a thing. I've been watching a trend of late, of layered clothing with an edge.

Of course, we all realize that, being in-between seasons, a layered look serves two purposes: re-purposes warmer weather clothes and keeps you warm during changing weather patterns.

I've nicknamed this look Hacker Chic (not hacker chick!) because it takes street chic on a little detour. A sassy one. No pocket protectors need apply!

Some examples or what constitutes this new look:
  • The Cuddl Duds Facebook page has a photo on their account of a woman in a jersey tunic, leggins, and a long scarf. This is homey but edgy, the colors, the contrast, the "I was home but had to go out and be active" vibe.
  • The street chic/hacker traditional look provides a lot of the foundation for the look. A great example is Lisbeth, a character from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series of films/books.
  • Google's new's street chic and edgy categories.
  • Online retailer ModCloth serves up a unique version of retro-ish and sassy apparel. Some pieces make perfect layering additions to the chic look.
Colors this season focus on the range from pearlescent gray all the way to black. Some brighter colors help enhance natural coloring and brighten up the muted palette. Purples and metallics are especially hot right now.

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