Sunday, April 14, 2013

Foot Care Essentials

I've adopted a few little tricks that I've added to my daily routine to help manage my foot, toes, and toenail health. There's nothing worse than taking off your socks in yoga class and realizing your toenails look like they came out of a Halloween zombie movie.

What I've done is I've placed a sample size of foot scrub and a pumice/nail brush in the shower. Each time I shower I put some scrub on a foot and scrub away at it with the nail brush (toenails and fingers) and pumice (heel and any hard spots).

I also keep a very moisturizing cream and pair of clean socks by my nightside table so I can apply, slip on, and not worry about it.

Every so often I'll grab a cuticle stick and take it into the shower so I can go lightly under the toenails while I'm scrubbin' and brushin' away. Using big, thick fluffy socks in winter means that I get lost of dark fluffy stuff stuck between my toes and under toenails.

These little tricks take a few seconds or minutes and save me a lot of worry about having neat feet in-between pedicures or during my winter "off-season." Tight, winter boots sometimes bruise my toenails so they look like they have white blobs or knicks on them. Massaging the extra moisturizing cream into the cuticle and nail bed helps make sure oxygen-rich blood is circulating correctly through the entire toe and foot. It does wonders for destressing too!

A little nail whitener can also do wonders if you're recovering your toenails after a period of wearing dark nail polish remover that tends to stain the nail bed.
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