Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nail Essentials Kit

I've been remiss in keeping my nails and cuticles in top form lately. Believe it or not, nails are very easy to maintain and make a big impact in how you appear to others.

That's why so many women dedicate a lot of time and money to getting their regular manicures at their favorite salon or spa. I was one such woman, until I got stuck with a student loan and credit card bill that needed taking care of. So enter the self-care routine to save some cost and time.

I finally got cracking today, went to my local CVS, and refreshed my stash of goodies. I filed my nails down so just a little white shows (a la French/American mani), pushed back my cuticles, and applied a coat of nail strengthener. Now that I took care of business, I have my essentials tucked away in a favorite makeup bag for easy, peasy access whenever I need a touch up.

A little TLC can make a big difference in how your nails look, and how you feel. Just filing straight across and then once on each side, as well as tidying up the cuticle with a pusher, are great basic things to do in two minutes or less.

Here's the items I keep in my nails quick-fix stash:
  • makeup bag or zip loc bag to stash everything inside
  • toenail clipper (TMI disclaimer: my fingernails are very thick)
  • your favorite kind of nail files (mine is 280 grit)
  • a four-sided buffer block
  • a professional cuticle pusher
  • your favorite nail strengthener or treatment (I'm into Sally Hansen triple strong right now)
  • cuticle oil
And voila! Neat nails and cuticles, ready to take on whatever's next on your to-do list. :o)
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