Thursday, April 4, 2013

Smooth Skin Makeup Look

Every look begins with consistently smooth skin. From there, you can add layers of drama to develop a look that's appropriate for your event or occasion.

Here's my rundown for a great basic/first step look or an everyday natural look:

  • cream concealer in a salmon-pink for light skin/orangey-salmon for dark skin
  • liquid highlighter paler than your natural skin tone -- blend just above the cheek and under your eyebrow
  • a medium-coverage buildable foundation to blend from your nose outward and even your tone and color (some BB creams could work) 
  • pressed or loose powder with no added color to set your foundation and prevent shiny spots
  • a cream, liquid, or powder blush a notch above natural flushed cheeks
  • a cream, liquid, or powder bronzer that doesn't look dirty but that helps delineate your cheeks, hairline, sides of nose, and jaw line
  • an eyelid primer with no color to it, such as Urban Decay's Primer Potion -- this mattifies your eyelid while taking way any dark, yellowish, or pinkish hues that make you look tired
  • a well-sharpened, long-lasting eyeliner in the same color as your eyelashes, tightline and blend
  • natural, lip tone lipliner and clear balm (I use non-petroleum lip products), follow the natural lip line and fill in, then blend with a finger
  • an eyeshadow in a subtle shade to windshield wipe your natural crease--this adds barely noticeable depth and definition
  • some clear brow gel -- remember to clean up any stray hairs with your favorite pair of tweezers and always brush your brow hairs up and out
  • a gentle eyelash curler that works for you
If you prefer a more natural look, this can be it. Maybe add a subtle lip product with some shine. If you like more dramatic looks, you can use this as the first step and then add onto it for added drama and sexiness:
  • a highlighter eyeshadow that matches your skin's undertone but is ligther -- blend under your eyebrow and outside your tear duct
  • a dark eyeshadow to use for the outside 1/3-1/4, clean lines and then blend
  • a satin eyeshadow for the larger portion of your lid -- blend well into the darker shadow
  • liquid or cream/gel eyeliner in black or in a color that coordinates with your dark eyeshadow color -- a thicker line and cats eye work especially well
  • eye makeup remover and pointy cotton tips to clean up accidents
  • fake lashes of your preferred look and length and a good, trusty glue
  • several coats of drama mascara, such as Hypnose Doll Lashes -- black or a color that coordinates with your dark eyeshadow color
  • a lash comb and spoolie to separate the multiple layers of mascara
  • a vibrant lip color product with a natural lip liner and a lip gloss that matches the lip product's color -- fuschia and hot salmon pink are very in right now
  • eyebrow wax/pencil/powder -- line the outside boundary of your brows and fill in the interior with short strokes, then brush out with a spoolie. Clean/blend outside lines with a pointy cotton tip
Remember to keep your makeup stash fresh (throw away old products) and well-organized in a makeup case. I keep the basic/natural look products in the same layer of my case so I start there every morning and it takes me under five minutes to put together. I also have one or two drama drawers where I keep those darker, dramatic eyeshadows, sparkly eyeshadows, or special occasion mascara and fake lashes.

Now, if I could only find the perfect eyelash curler, I'd be set! I wear out my lash curlers like there's no tomorrow.

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