Friday, May 10, 2013

A Return to Favorites: Body Shop Body Butters

Satsuma Body Butter
Some years ago I became acquainted with the wonder that is The Body Shop's Satsuma scented products and their body butter products, in particular. The satsuma body butter not only smells heavenly, but it is one of the most highly and longest moisturizing body products I've ever tried.

If you're familiar with how wonderful Bath and Body Works candles are, these products by The Body Shop are in the same vein, but for your body and with mostly natural ingredients. To be perfectly honest, I prefer Body Shop body products over B&BW because their scents are very natural smelling, linger longer, and are just amazing.

No matter how dry and flaky my appendiges get in winter due to harsh, dry and cold weather or in summer due to sunburn, this product is amazing for my skin. And no burning.

Pink Grapefuit Body Butter
I treated myself once to a satsuma set at the Body Shop. I was shocked at the priciness back then, but was hooked. I did take a leave of absence due to the cost, but took advantage on clearances on the Body Shop website (shower buff, body butter, shower gel) and if any good deals were to be had when I was passing one of their shops. Their travel or sample kits feature small containers perfect to take on trips, and, like I keep saying, the smell absolutely heavenly. The graceful hue is mood lightening as well!

Flash forward to today when I went to Ulta at lunch time for black eyeliner. As it's bound to happen, I was looking at everything else and realized they had a buy one at $19 get one half off for Body Shop butters. Can't pass that great of a deal up, ya know? So I treated myself to pink Grapefruit and Satsuma body butters. My all time favorite scents. Oh yeah! Unbelievable mood lifter. I keep the grapefruit at work, and the satsuma on my bedside table.

I have some severe sunburn on my forearms from last weekend and I've been trying to keep the skin moisturized against all odds. Nothing seems to soak in enough. I tried the pink grapefruit body butter just now and it's almost as good as normal now. The itching and tight skin is definitely feeling a lot better now.

These naturally scented products can create an amazing sense of well being and are great treats for a spa night in or weekend spa treatment at home. Then just put some cool moistened cotton pads over your eyes, lie down, and inhale deeply. Amazing aromatherapy.

I'm very happy they carry Body Shop products at Ulta, since Body Shop stores are so hard to find. I can now treat myself as often as I'd like!

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