Friday, May 31, 2013

Hair Care Update

My hair has not been reacting well to the weather extremes we've experienced in the Chicago area over the past couple of months. That, my increasing grey hair collection, and the fact that my go-to curl definition gel is no longer being produced (EverStyle curl definining gel) are all wreaking a little emotional havoc when it comes to my hair care.

But never fear, there's always some new product to try out and fall in love with. Enter a couple of new shampoo and conditioners that I've been giving a whirl.

First is Organix Morocan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I've heard a lot about this product line and finally jumped in to try it out with a largish trial size. The shampoo cleans my hair very well without over-stripping it of moisture. The conditioner is rich and moisturizing, without over-weighing the hair down too much.

Second is Coppola Keratin Complex Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner--right now Target has a set of both, full-size products for $20 which is usually the price of one product! This shampoo left my hair a little tangled after the second rinse, but the conditioner is incredibly rich and soothing and just lovely. My hair was very wavy and overall very easy to style curly after using these two products. I think I may have found new favorites!

There's also my ongoing quest to replace my old, defunct Everstyle curl defining gel. I bought Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion. Which might be a very nice replacement. I just started using it today, and I like both the texture as it goes on as well as the end result after I finish air drying my tousles.

I also decided that the next time I color my hair I will be using permanent hair color. I definitely don't want my greys showing up, because there aren't enough of them to create a workable look out of them au naturel. A moisturizing permanent color will help me to restore and replenish while hiding those unmentionable greys! I will begin searching a good product using MakeupAlley and by surfing the hair color aisles at my local stores. Wish me luck!

Here's to good hair as we slide form spring into summer. Let the sun shine!
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