Monday, June 17, 2013

In Search Of: Soft and Glowing Summer Legs

There are two things that summer legs should be...well, according to lil ole me: smooth and glowing. Yet, in my yearly search for the perfect leg routine, I find that there are as many tricks to getting there as there are pitfalls! I'll typically experiment and finally get on the right path...but usually by September when it's time to cover back up! :S

This year, I've begun my search a little late, but none the less in earnest. My first step was to go for smooth.

I decided to let go of my Venus Embrace, which wasn't working at all for me, and go back to men's razors--this time I went for Schick's Hydro 3. A great little razor and much more economical than the fancier five bladed razors or even the Venus Embrace line.

To help me get smooth legs I've also adopted dry brushing prior to taking a shower, a good scrubby body wash in the shower, and a good moisturizer for after the shower. The added bonus to exfoliating prior to shaving is that it makes it easier for your razor to get a closer shave! Less shaving as a result. I like it!

Although I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop's body butters for my legs--I've been obsessed with pink grapefruit and satsuma for years!--there are a variety of lighter formulas that can replenish the skin after scrubbing and shaving, the sun and any other harsh elements--like air conditioning, sports, or mosquito bites!

I've also rediscovered sunless tanning moisturizers. These days, products don't smell as artificial and offensive as they used to. Though it pays off to exfoliate well prior to each application to help discourage flakey skin and odd stripes and streaks.

I've also gone back to getting regular pedicures and manicures. Having a more consistent regimen has helped me enjoy the warmer weather and show off my legs more often--though, far from perfect, I'm thankful they're both there to hold me up!

So this summer, there's a lot one can do to show off one's legs. From scrubs, to brushes, to shaving and other hair removal, to sunless tanning moisturizers and other treats. It's like your very own version of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom. Plus, it's fun to rediscover old favorites and try new products. Summer is all about YOLO and good times. I'm ready!
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